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All players on your roster are eligible for trade.

Trades do not require league or commissioner approval and are executed immediately upon acceptance by both teams. 1

All trades must include at least one player on one of the two team’s roster. In other words, pick for pick trades (i.e. ladder trades), cash for pick trades, etc. are not legal trades.

Draft Picks

Draft picks can be included in trades. Only the current season’s picks can be traded. Future pick trades are not legal trades. Time periods where picks can be traded are up to the commissioner and will be announced. General time frames that picks can be traded:

  • Preseason when the league opens up to the keeper deadline
  • After final draft order is set through the end of the draft

Example: Christian Okoye from team A traded for Jim Kleinsasser and their 2nd round pick from team B.

Auction Cash

Cash in the waiver process may be included in in-season trades. To be a legal trade, cash must be in addition to at least one player from each team.

Example: Tom Brady from team A traded for Matt Ryan and $50 auction cash from team B.

1The commissioner reserves the right to negate any trade they deem to be collusion or in bad faith. Commissioner will not negate trades made in error, confusion, etc. Coaches must work together to resolve issues such as this. Commissioner will facilitate and gather feedback from others to help where possible.
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