John T. Buckley Championship
148.8 LOSS
150.2 WIN
Fast Eddy's Chili
Angels of Harlem

Who We Are

Formed in 1999. This fantasy league is made up of long haul dedicated managers. Named after the back to back champions to start the league, Return of the Champions have evolved over two decades to become the best league out there.

Return of the Champions is a fantasy football league, formed in 1999. This site will detail the rules and history.

  • This is what you seek

    The championship trophy in this league is a long sought after piece of hardware. It is hard to grab, and even harder to keep hold of.

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  • Game Suspension

    Game Suspension

    As we all know, the Monday night game took a devastating turn and was suspended. Obviously that is the priority for everyone as we wait for him to recover.  This has an impact on our league championship as players were in that game. MFL has closed week 17 for now until final word is given. …

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  • Division Realignment

    Division Realignment

    As discussed, we have new alignment this year. More frequent realignment will happen since we moved to an NFL style divisional play. This gets us more play time against more of the league. The last realignment was centered on classic stadiums. This time, it is on classic coaches: Landry, Dungy, Vermeil, and Parcells.

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  • Welcome Aboard to Jack Passers

    Welcome Aboard to Jack Passers

    Please join me in making our newest coach welcome, Adam Smyth. Adam is a diehard Bronco fan and a firefighter. He love football and is thrilled to be here. His team is called Jack Passers. A quick reminder that the draft order shown is a placeholder for trading purposes. Also, we will be shuffling divisions …

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