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Picking Up Players Post-Draft

After the draft, all remaining players are placed into free agency.

Players are acquired by putting them up for auction.

Each team is allotted $550 post-draft for auction purposes. Commissioner will allocate this after the draft in your team account.

A player is put up for auction by any team with a starting bid of at least $15.

You must have an open roster slot to bid on a player or open a new auction.

The league uses a blind bidding system (eBay style) meaning you can bid any amount, only locking the amount needed to win the auction.


Open an auction for Barry Sanders with a bid of $50. The actual bid will be $15 to start unless/until someone else places a bid against that player. If Team B bids $25, then the winning bid will rise to $25 but still be a winning bid for the original bidder until the $50 is outbid.

Each auction is automatically terminated after 24 hours with the highest bid acquiring the player automatically.


I have a full roster of 27 players.

I drop Tom Brady to open a roster slot.

I place a bid of $50 on Colt McCoy.

After 24 hours, there have been three bids on McCoy, up to $40.

I win Colt McCoy for $40.

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