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What happens when I miss a pick in the draft?

This is an extremely important item to know before hand. Every year someone has a question here and complain about the process.

During the live draft, if a pick is missed, the system will always first attempt to pick a player for the owner according to the owner’s “Work List” in the Live Draft Room, and then the owner’s “My Draft List.”

If you hit this,especially after about round three, most teams have exhausted these lists. When that happens, the system will pick a player according to the personalized recommendations from Fantasy Sharks Draft Coach. Why? We are a unique league and ADP becomes disaster if it is used for missed picks. Think about it. When we are 20 LBs deep into the pool, an ADP can bring you garbage. Fantasy sharks is set up for our league rules and at least gets you value in most cases.

There is more to missing picks than just THAT pick. Be sure to look over the draft structure page for more details.

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