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Slow Draft: Learn to Pre-Draft Your Rounds

This section of the draft is called slow, but it does not have to be! If you want to keep things moving, you need to pre-draft. Pre-draft is easy to do and can be as surgical as you want to be. Unlike other leagues, you pre-draft by round.To get to this section, use menu drop down “For Owners” and then “Draft.” This is not to be confused with “Live Draft Room.”

Think of pre-drafting as your cheat sheet list. Make a list of players….by round that you are interested in. The highest one on your list that is available will be drafted auto-magically. This speeds up the draft tremendously. We do not have to wait for your ass.

Why pre-draft by round?

If you are in round six, and want to target defense, you can tune your pre-draft list to LB, DB, etc. that you are interested in. In round seven, you may want to target a TE after seeing value in that position on the table. Great! Do it!

You do not have to pre-draft by position though. If your list is your list of greatest hits, just copy it round to round as you need to!

What if I want my list to apply to all rounds?

What are you, stupid? No, you cannot do that. Do not confuse the “My Draft List” option with this. The “My Draft List” option only applies when you time out. We do not want that. Use the pre-draft option exclusively unless you are not going to be present on Live Draft day.

Make your list! Remember that this is NOT universal.
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