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Keeper Values

You must have six keepers after each season. Keepers have a fantasy value based on the number of points they score during the season. The total points scored by a player is tallied at the end of the year. That total, their TFV, will be used to determine your draft slot in the subsequent year.

A player’s individual TFV is based on the amount scored during the fantasy team’s season. If your team did not make the playoffs, then your players’ total stops at week 14. If you made the championship, then their points count through week 17. This allows weaker teams to have a ‘discount’ in TFV to assist in draft position options, or increase trade value to others.


If your team missed the playoffs and your QB scored 100 points through week 14, that is the TFV. If your team made the championship and your QB scored 150 points through week 17, that is the TFV.

Full team example,

If I want these keepers from my roster:

  • LaDanian Tomlinson RB
  • Kevin Barlow RB
  • Tom Brady QB
  • Mike Singletary LB
  • Jeremy Shockey TE
  • Deion Sanders DB

and my team made it to the first round of the playoffs, then the TFV for my keepers is based on the above players’ total points scored through week 15:

  • LaDanian Tomlinson RB – 100 points
  • Kevin Barlow RB – 70 points
  • Tom Brady QB – 200 points
  • Mike Singletary LB – 60 points
  • Jeremy Shockey TE – 20 points
  • Deion Sanders DB – 40 points

then my total TFV for the following year’s draft is: 490

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