Good morning coaches. We will be starting up the new season soon so I wanted to reach out with some news.

  • The new season site is up. The design likely will be adjusted, but you can log in and get your notification settings adjusted.
  • In case you have not heard, we unfortunately lost our long time coach John Buckley (STLRules) in the offseason. We are all heartbroken by this, having played with John for over 20 years. John loved this league and it was even mentioned in his obituary. After talking with Dan (Jeepsters), his brother, to get his approval the league will name the championship trophy after John. The championship always eluded John, but now it can be his. Starting this year, the trophy will be called the John T. Buckley Championship Trophy.
  • With this, we need to add a new coach to take over John’s team. Please contact me with any suggestions you have.
  • DUES: These must be paid by the keeper deadline, to be announced. No change this year. $15 per person covers all costs in this league.
  • No changes are in store for scoring. Please review the scoring rules under reports, or at this link.
  • Trading will open soon. As a reminder, picks AND players are eligible for trade from day one.
  • COMING SOON: To review your player values and keeper status, visit the franchise player value sheet. The slot number shown is what that player’s status will be IF they are kept this year. Everyone that is blank is eligible for first year keeper status. If they have an XXX, they will be dropped and are not eligible. In other words, they are guaranteed to be in the draft.
  • Keeper requirements are still:
    • six total players required
    • at least two defense and two offense
    • maximum of two per position

Here’s hoping for a great season. Welcome back!

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